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  • Smartphones make children’s myopia deeper

    September 25, 2019 By ticklishzebra368 0 comments

    Smartphones are popular, so many people focus on the screen of mobile phones. Some ophthalmologists have pointed out that parents have changed their smartphones for their children. As a result, children often hide in quilts and play mobile phones. As a result, children’s myopia is deepened and small. The small age has reached four or five Baidu, which is really worrying.

    Nowadays, the mobile phone is powerful and can replace most of the work of the computer. However, compared with the screen of the computer, the screen of the mobile phone is too small, and the long-term focus on the above will result in poor eye focusing ability. At the same time, too much concentration on the screen will result in a significant reduction in the number of blinks and a lack of tear protection, leading to dry eye syndrome. Older people can use the smart phone for a period of time, which can lead to a significant increase in the degree of presbyopia.

    However, compared with the elderly, school-age children are worried, because the popularity of smart phones is too high, even children have their own smart phones, so the ratio of children’s myopia deepening in today’s society has increased significantly. Ophthalmologists advise parents to limit their time on tablets and smartphones and maintain correct posture and distance. For the elderly, in order to avoid the phenomenon of presbyopia, the screen of the mobile phone should be kept at about 30 cm. The screen of the mobile phone should be large, and the font should be set to a large point. Every 30 minutes, the eyes should be closed to reduce the chance of eye fatigue.

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